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I inquired and was told if an overnite stay they will have to register.

I agree basically with what opaljohn posted, the more you travel off the beaten path the more difficult it will be to find the naughty girls your looking for, ideally if you knew a local he would know what bars and bartenders are dealing girls for customers to meet, most are no more than a text away.

I love getting a motorbike and driving down random dirt roads to a secluded and deserted beach..about an amazing feeling of freedom, power, and adventure!!!

Once I even found an abandoned resort in Panglao island (Bohol) that was overrun with vegetation. I plan to go to Siquijor this Saturday or Sunday, then bum around a few other places in the Visayas.

Give it a try, not guarranteed to work everytime, but percentages are pretty good.

When I was in Tagbilaran last April, my trike driver took me to a bar downtown called "Solid Gold". At the time I was staying in Bohol Tropics and I was not sure about their "guest policy".

I just want to know how to ring up some sluts who will leave my room the second I blast my load.

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when ur in these places, go to a bar, either a local one or a tourist bar and strike up a friendship with a barman.

So if anyone has any advice on finding hookers to pound while on these lovely islands, please do share!

I prefer not to take a naughty girl from Cebu to use as my cum dumpster on the island, because then I would have to talk to her and be around her at the hotel etc and it would cost more.

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